Cheap Vs. Expensive Wine Taste Test

Classy as f**k

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Tea And Crumpets
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.


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  1. The thing with expensive stuff like wine is that once you know the price you’re probably going to try and convince yourself its good meanwhile you’re basically forcing it down your throat, just because you know its expensive. Save your money. Buy that $4.50 wine.

    1. +GodKiller97 Yeah I know this is hard to digest for a poor person. NICE things are subjective, and expensive items are completely irrelevant in your life. There are two types of leverage: 1. The leverage poor people use to buy an expensive car or TV, gives you 0 value and 0 returns. 2. The leverage rich people use to buy companies, stock, houses…we use leverage to have returns of anything from 5-100%. Rich people don’t save up for consumer goods, they buy them outright.

      You will stay poor if you continue to think the way you are thinking about life.

    2. People people, money does not express the value of the person, that has to do with what your perspective is despite the crappy times/ the bad parts of life.

    3. And, people who become rich have become it in 3 ways: 1. They inherit money from parents, or lost loved ones. 2. They start small and grow big. 3. They are rich in heart and are not a snob.

  2. there girl with the purple hair, theres something in her eyes thats really sad. like in her past something happened to her that really hurt her and hasn’t left yet. i don’t know but yeah, its not very perceptible.

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