Gulfstream G550 private jet Interior details

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Gulfstream G550 private jet Interior details

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  1. +ChairmanChief ggt I can’t reply to your comment below for some reason. If speed is your thing then the X is a great option. You got 100MPH faster speed but your max cruise speed is close. The Citation won’t do 3600nm though.

    1. The G650 is a little faster than the X. I’m not pretentious, so im not gonna lead people to believe im on that level, BUT, I plan on working in the luxury real estate business where I work in multible luxury real estate markets, I will probably need a super midsize bj that can fly from new York to LA in one stop, has a stand up cabin and a sofa (im gonna want to lay down lol). so. yeah.

    2. +yourtube any aircraft that has a maximum takeoff weight of more than 12,500lbs needs 2 pilots I THINK. those aircraft require what is calleda type rating. A type rating is certification of a large airplane that is too complex for a pilot to fly without any knowledge of it. Some aircraft like the King Air 350 or CJ4 have a MTOW of more than 12,50lbs, but they are simple enough to be flown with just one pilot, as such they are “single pilot certified” long story short, I generally think that any plane that requires a type rating outside of single pilot certified aircraft require two pilots.

  2. Try to film what you talk about, and give more of a ‘zoomed out’ view before you go into details. I still dont have a good overview of the plane after watching this, its annoying to watch now,

    1. Sorry, that is why it took so long. I needed to do more filming but it’s tough now post 9/11. Everything has to be approved. Italy completely shut me down. Either did not get back to me or said no because of security. I was to film landing and walk out jet and into car right on runway. Apparently I have to be Jay Z for that. LOL

  3. That thing is amazing. I have been on a private jet once in my life. My uncle was flying in a CitationX from Tulsa to Phoenix & invited me to go. I figured that was probably going to be my only chance to fly on a private jet so I jumped on the opportunity.
    Here is the funny part. I live in Albuquerque so I had to drive to Tulsa. We then flew in the jet to Phoenix. It was great. Smaller than I expected but still very impressive. Once in Phoenix I had to fly Southwest back to Tulsa to get my car & then I had to drive back home to Albuquerque. Basically I had to drive a total of 1,000 miles and fly Southwest all to catch a single leg of a trip on a CitationX. lol I had no business & no reason for that trip beyond riding in the Citation. lol It was worth it & I would do it again. 

  4. Wow, I didn’t know it was expensive for you to bring us this content, Carlyle. Thank you very much for investing in it, I really love aviation and this is very entertaining to me. The best I can do to compensate you is done. Video liked, favorited and shared.
    All the best, man!

    1. Thanks man! Really appreciate it. People don’t realize this channel is unlike any other. The commercial channels have external funding and they are trying to pay their bills. The non-commercial big channels are trying to eat and may have sponsors too. I have no financial sponsors AND this is not my job. This means I run this like a non-profit charity which would be fine if this was my idea of a charity but my charity is high school kids. I work with schools that are not doing so good. So essentially I’m taking money away from that to do this. Idea being that in the future I’ll build up something that was a long ago dream of mine:

      -Have my own show
      -Sharing knowledge with thousands around the world
      -Promoting good business by endorsing great products
      -Helping to motivate people towards their dreams

      And finally, I want this to pay for itself because it’s really not right that companies are making thousands of dollars of my hard work and money and as a return I don’t even get 1000 views on average(which means I’m not making as much an impact on businesses as I’d like to). It would be nice if at least for all the money I spend if I knew I was proving a great service for a decent amount of people, but typically only 300 watch and of that 300 you know not all will benefit.

      To give you some perspective, last year I spent about $6000 in a week to bring you content. That covers, crew, travel, food, hotel and gear. That is more money than channels 5-10 times my size make in a month.

      I can spend less, but I want to move on to the next stage yesterday. I don’t want this long drawn out process. There is so much more I want to do with this channel, you have no idea. When I’m done this will be the channel everybody talks about because I take it to levels unheard of before. Different objectives, different means and INTENSE passion…results…AWESOME!!

    2. +Arthur Sperotto Every bit counts! Not knocking pewdiepie, but if he has so many loyal subscribers helping him out, I deserve twice as many because I’m not just in it for the fun or to make people laugh (entertainment is only PART of the picture), I want to bring a big service to the world and also I want to inspire better business and people. Not to blow my own horn but I’d say that is far more noble than me just doing what I love for laughs. 😀

  5. Your videos are getting a lot better and I am starting to watch them more often. I really enjoy the airplane reviews, they relate to my college studies and hobbies. 

  6. I am glad you travel a lot. And yes, I love traveling as well. To see the world is what I enjoyed when I was a Purser Flight Attendant with United Airlines.

  7. Its somewhat distracting that the footage doesn’t match what you’re talking about. You’re talking about telescoping foot rests while showing us a table or talking about crew quarters while we’re looking at a fast shot through the galley. I stopped watching.

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