How Bitcoin Works in 5 Minutes (Technical)

A short introduction to how Bitcoin Works.

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Written Version:

Less technical version:

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Germain caption translation provided by adi331 : 19s6rqRfHa19w7wcgwtCumPs1vdLDj1VVo (thanks!!)

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  1. It is a good explanation, But I think your mind is on a different thought level than non-technical people, so your basic explanation is actually an advanced explanation, and your other 20min+ video is what I’d call mindFk explanantion even though it actually does explain it. .. Good work either way… I think there needs to be a Bitcoin for Dummies, literally explaining Bitcoin like your speaking to a child

    1. Lol my mind was totally fucked when viewing the 22min video, but thankfully I found this video which gave me a much easier understanding 🙂
      I totally agree that he should make a bitcoins for dummies video

    2. +GTR ARGH agree! happy to read this comment. As a traditional financial controller I am getting very ‘greedy for knowlegde here’ 🙂 thank you both

  2. I think the terms need to be a bit more relate-able for most people to understand. Like the voting and lottery, happens automatically and is known as the process of mining and miners. You mention miners once or so at the end but talk about the process of it from the halfway point to the end. Also, I think for the most part, it needs to be noted that this entire process happens automatically behind the scenes. The way you explain it almost sounds like a lot of it has to be done manually on a PC by the users. For example when u first the validation / voting process, it sounds like in order for a users transaction to be accepted into a block, that user would have to generate the block ; another manual implication.

    1. That’s great feedback that I’ve heard from others. In my next (less technical) video I’m trying to say more things like “your Wallet app creates a transaction…”

    1. +David Detweiler Coders mathematicians and economists are not the ones you want to try a ponzi scheme on. Bitcoin works and is open source. I have complete knowledge of how it works because I can read the code. I don’t trust a third party about how it works, I can just see it. Like a mathematical proof. I’m not worried Pythagoras is going to change the length of the hypotenuse and make the roof fall on my head. The same way I know bitcoin is not a scam. There is a ton of info online even for non-geeks.

  3. The central banks must be so shitting themselves right now. Just imagine how banks would stop stealing trillions, currencies would not get devaluated and how fair the global economy would become. The only problem is money laundering… that’s bad.

  4. how much bitcoin do u think a quantum computer could make if they existed/got working cause i know people have made a quantum computer but getting it to predict the correct mathematical outcome is a hurdle .

  5. I didn’t feel like you explained the double spending prevention and how it translates to the block-chain. How does the “lottery” determine which transaction is legitimate? The way it’s explained above implies that both transactions would enter the pool and whichever hash match occurs first gets added to the end of the chain. It obviously can’t work this way. Thanks for the video! Lots of good information here.

  6. Yeah, it makes it very clear that this is most likely a Wall Street /bankster backed plan to move us off fiat currency and into digital fiat currency. Thanks for taking the time.

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