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    1. Wrong you should just provide the info if you believe its a scam. You must only sell or work with long-term care. That doesn’t mean it fits everyone’s situation. Do your research?

  1. I know first hand about it. my dad died. 35 yrs. Ago it happened on the job thank God he had the foresight to buy it. Don’t let your family suffer because you think its either too expensive or un necessary trust me you,ll be glad you did and your family will be glad too.

  2. I think level term insurance is the way to go 100%. I have done so much research in the past month. There are a few companies that “shop” the market in order to find you cheapest level term policy. I went with 1st Option Insurance because they shop more companies than the rest.


    1. +Bill Pender Disagree. Term is affordable? YES. Is term affordable is you outlive it and, due to age, you cannot get anywhere near the same rate as you originally did? I do like a convertible term; give clients the option to extend to permanent should the need for coverage persist later on.

  3. Wait so umm this is kinda not good cuz THE PEOPLE GET THE MONEY we dead people dont do anything we dont get anything like cant the dead people get some space in the dirt

    1. That’s why it’s best to go with whole life. Because you get cash value. Meaning you are able to use the money accumulated. But will be deducted from your face value which is your coverage. Eg. 100k fv – loan+interest.

  4. only things is ,when the person dies ,life insurance will try to find one way not to pay, like one little mistake that papa wrote on the policy​, like did he write down he a non smoker and 5 year of quiting​ smoking, and then the the doctor cut papa open to see how he die , and see the black lungs from being a smoker all those years ,but quitted the last 5 years of his life. and now life insurance will deny payment all because they will say papa was a smoker and didn’t write it down on his policy ,not thinking 3 party in this will say he a smoker in the end, all because a the black lungs that been damage all the years of smoking! trust me it happen!

  5. 5 Things that Separates FAMILY FIRST LIFE from the Rest of the Industry
    1. Aggressive Compensation + Bonuses
    In the insurance industry most companies will start you at 55% and cap you at 110% so they can keep more of your commissions. Here at FFL we start our agents at 100% they can advance up to 140%.
    FFL pays producer bonuses, agents can earn up to 2% additional commission on their annual production.
    2. FREE exclusive leads for the first 30 days
    One of the biggest concerns for life insurance agents is the upfront cost of leads. Most companies do not offer an exclusive lead program, and when they do the cost is too much for the agent to handle when getting started.
    Here at FFL we offer our agent’s free exclusive leads for their first 30 days so that they can begin cash-flowing immediately regardless of their financial situation at the time. Our leads are NEVER resold so you don’t have to worry about competing with your peers.
    3. LIVE regional training from REAL top producers
    It can be very difficult to find an IMO that offers sales training to its agents that isn’t limited to online modules. Here at FFL we offer hands on regional training from qualified producers. It doesn’t matter where you live in the U.S. we can provide local support.
    All of our trainers issue pay $20,000 MINIMALLY each month, so we can guarantee you’ll be well equipped to quickly learn how to close over 75% of your appointments.
    4. Do you know what Vested Renewals are?
    If your answer to this question was no than you are probably not being paid renewals. Renewals are residual commission payments that you receive for the life of certain policies you write.
    At FFL, these residuals are vested day one meaning if you ever leave FFL you take your renewals with you.
    5. No contract or fees
    FFL is one of the few true independently owned IMO’s in the industry. We are not contracted through another IMO, FFL works directly with several Top Rated Insurance Carriers which allows us to offer the most aggressive compensation in the industry, pay bonuses and give out vested renewals because there is no other entity to share the commission with. FFL agents are also truly independent, there is no contract for you to sign with FFL we understand the independent contractor relationship as FFL is a company that was built by producers for producers.
    We Pride ourselves on the fact that there are no fees associated in working with FFL. No startup cost, no cost for training or to attend our Sales Conferences. If you are looking for an MLM or Networking Marketing Organization FFL would not be a good fit for you.
    Are you currently being offered these benefits?
    If the answer to that is no then why are you not working with Family First Life?

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