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    1. John Doe Its not about working hard, its about working smart. Most billionaires arent working as hard as construction worker or a mcdonalds employee but he still gets a lot of money for using the right tools to his advantage.

    1. No thats 200$ Also if you want some lights they arent included. Ah also the plane youre buying is just the engine all others parts must be bought seperately
      *If Apple owned airplanes*

    1. omah with the inheritance that Trump got he could have put his money into the SNP500 and not moved a finger and he would have more money than what he has today. So no I think he’s pretty dumb and in massive debt.

  1. Ya I’ll wait until Girl scout memberships drop a little more, then I’ll be able to afford both the membership and the jet. Thanks for the info!

    1. Enrique Navarrete @Enrique Navarette That isn’t so bad. Back in the 90s,my hometown paper copied and pasted several paragraphs about the Bosnian war in some poor rando’s obituary.

  2. hey, if you got 2 mill remember not to invest it in Girl Scouts, you know? Memberships have been declining since 08, just saying… save your money, get a jet instead…

    1. its already chinese… thanks to china buying cirrus otherwise they won’t be able to keep this project going… thank you cirrus for making affordable family jet for people/family who worth at least 8 mil…

    1. Seth Cher he doesn’t own a air force one. The Air Force’s are owned by the federal government. Trump owns a Boeing 747. A commercial or “air force one” sized plane

    2. Seth he doesn’t OWN it he flys on it only the president of America can fly air force one (and his family + friends) so once Donald Trumps term is over he can no longer fly air force one however he does own his own Boeing 757

    1. It doesn’t have the range where a toilet would be necessary. You should be able to go before you get on and then hold it until you land with this small jet.

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