Top 10 Cheapest Private Aircraft In The World That You can Afford Now

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Air plane is one of the most expensive things in the world ,Generally only very rich person can afford to buy a privet air-plane.Modern aircraft is very expensive as it needs to pass many safety test to offer it to the market . however there are some light craft that you can afford with your budge price and could make you dream true .

Here are a list of oue top ten Cheapest aircraft list :
10 – Piper Colt PA-22-108
09 – Cessna 150
08 -Luscombe 8
07 – Cessna 140
06- Piper PA-20 Pacer
05 – Grumman American AA-1
04 – Taylorcraft B
03 – Piper PA-38 Tomahawk
02 – ERCO Ercoupe
01 – Aeronca Chief

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    1. Because of the electronics, not the plane. The plane, as originally equipped, in reasonable condition, sells for about 10-12,000. Now, if you start talking showroom quality, a $10,000 Garmin unit, 150 HP conversion….then yes, you can find some for 50,000. But that is rare.

    2. …my friend bought a cherokee 140 for 15k. I see cessna 150s for 12-15k ALL THE TIME. Same friend bought an absolutely beautiful citabria for 25k. He bought his older pitts s-1 for 18k, which is a nice plane as well. They don’t have nice, new modern panels and avionics, but affordable planes are out there.

    3. These prices are perhaps only for the airframe, which too would require excessive work to be fit for air again. Cessna’s and Piper’s aren’t cheap planes!

    4. My friend payed $8,000 for the Cessna 150 I soloed in a couple years ago… Not to mention my family owns 4 Luscombes (soon to be 5) that have all been bought under $10k.

  1. This guy is delusional. Not a single on could be had for anywhere close to that, unless from a scrap yard in pieces with no dataplate or log books. For those dreamers looking – disregard this video. It’s a farce………

    1. Dayshub total bullshit. add a couple of zeros to these prices, unless you are looking at a scrap yard airframe and power plant, yes you can have the thrill of flying at a cheap price but the you have the real thrill of a scrap yard power plant coming apart at 6000 feet. That is a thrill you will never forget if you survive the sudden stop when you meet the ground.

    2. Actually… my friend bought a 1966 Cessna 150 for $8,000 a couple years ago. My family owns 4 Luscombes, all bought for under $10,000. We are planning on buying a 5th soon for sale for $11k. Pretty accurate…

    1. Scott Honigmann They are… My friend bought a 1966 Cessna 150 a couple years ago for $8,000. My family owns 4 Luscombes, all bought for under $10k, and we are about to buy a 5th one for sale for $11k.

  2. you missed the winner, the stinson 108 series. cruise 120mph on ten gals/hr, and carries four. widely available for less than 20g’s. usually has enough radio gear to be really usable.

  3. crashed my stinson two years ago, me and grandson walked with scratches. i know how to work fabric and my bro welded up the lunar lander for boeing and the jpl, so it will get fixed. cherokees are all over the place, and are around twenty grand. 172’s are maybe five to ten grand more.

  4. When Cessna brought back the 172 and 182, they made a major mistake in not bringing back the 152 as well. I always enjoyed flying it more than the 172.

  5. Warning: Buying a used airplane from a used airplane salesman could be risky. Don’t take the word of a used airplane dealer any more than you’d take the word of a used car salesman. Many decades ago I bought a Single engine plane used from such a salesman. It had suffered a prop strike and there was some damage to the lower firewall. After being told how good the engine was, I struck up a deal with the salesman…that I’d buy the plane only if he’d pay for another crankshaft if the crank tested to be cracked. He agreed. I disassembled the engine and sent the crankshaft in for testing because it looked to me that I could see a Crack. The salesman mentioned, “that’s not a Crack, it only looks like one.
    The crank returned from the overhaul shop with the dye testing showing a Crack. Now the salesman wanted to back out of the deal. He offered me my down payment back if I’d reassemble the engine and put it back into the plane. I refused. After mentioning that the FAA could find his demands interesting, he pointed out a freshly rebuilt engine in the corner of the hangar and said, “take that engine and get out of here. I don’t want hear anything about this again!” Such a deal! I ended up with a rebuilt engine and I didn’t even have to buy parts!

    1. bush pilot My friend bought a 1966 Cessna 150 for $8,000 a couple years ago. My dad and I are about to buy our 5th Luscombe (first non-project) for sale for $11k… In rare cases, these prices aren’t far off

    1. Ercoupes we’re around 3500 in 1981. Not anymore. You can probably buy scrap coupes and rebuild them if your licensed A&P. But you will still need A&I for Annual inspection.

  6. When looking in the boneyard for a plane the engine isn’t that important. You do have to make sure that the plane rolls. You can adapt a VW or Subaru engine and cobble together a pulley-belt drive pretty cheaply. You can install old office chairs in the cabin for seating and paint the plane with rattle-cans for that spiffed-up look. Radio-shmadio just stay out of class B airspace. That is about all you can do for 3K.

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