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  1. Thanks for this video! Very helpful. Coming down from Los Angeles in November to see if a move will be in my future. Will be checking out all your vids. =) Thanks guys

    1. +Robert Genito Ha ha, you’re actually the second one to say that to us, but I promise, it’s really at the beach (you can see the other videos we recorded the same day but different angle). It must just be the camera on the iPhone 6 that gives it that look. Or the lighting… or something.

    1. +Corey Booth We’ve tried lots of things but in Costa Rica I (Rachel) was working as a Virtual Assistant or ‘Online Services Provider’. I would do work online for businesses. You can learn more about what I’m talking about here:

      My husband works as a teach and educational mentor, teaching at an online academy and mentoring homeschooled teens at and

  2. Just bought a small house in Tamarindo.. Has a un-finished house and a cabin I’ll be renting out… Super stoked and excited to make the move back.

    1. considering the move from Ga., USA..just one of me on retirement being a widower I’m trying to find a place to enjoy and actually live again. .I am getting overwhelmed with all the nfo..aaaaaa. any advice would be greatly appreciated, chuck

    2. I would say go rent an apartment near the beach… A friend lives 1 mile from the beach in a studio with private parking and pays 200 dollars per month… But you must go out there first hand to find a deal like that, most online options are way over priced.

    3. Hi Chuck–
      I live just north of Atlanta; I went to CR last month and totally fell in love with the country and its people – so warm, welcoming, laid-back, and fun! CR hospitality is very similar to our Southern hospitality – people are genuine, kind, and want everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves…pura vida is a wonderful thing. 🙂

      I went with a friend who travels internationally often, as I knew she would help me “get my bearings”. Perhaps some of my experiences will help you determine where to visit/consider living.

      We stayed in San Jose, Arenal, and Monteverde, all of which have their own special attributes. We plan to return to visit some of the beaches on the Pacific side. Based on what we heard from other tourists, the Pacific beaches are preferable to the Caribbean beaches – but I cannot say – try them both! 🙂

      San Jose is a crowded city, but even though there are cars, buses, and motorcycles whizzing by, the general vibe is not at all like the “corporate push and shove” I experienced before I retired from a law firm in Atlanta. Of course, there is LOTS of foot traffic: we got in a lot of walking every day.

      If you go to San Jose and want to relax over an excellent (but inexpensive) meal and enjoy a drink or two, head to La Muny on Avenida 6. Owners Carlos and William/Guillermo will welcome you like family. Carlos speaks some basic English, William speaks Spanish…but does his best to communicate with tourists. My friend and I do not speak Spanish (yet), but we made it work – and had lots of fun in the process!

      Arenal is lush and beautiful: hiking the base of the volcano is a nice workout, and the drive around the lake is lovely. I imagine being out on the lake is great fun, but alas, it was dreary and overcast when we visited.

      Monteverde is spectacular! Perched atop the Continental Divide, we woke up to sunrise over the Pacific coast. We stayed at El Establo, which reminded me of The Grove Park Inn in Asheville due to its appearance. The little town of Santa Elena is quirky and fun.

      We stopped at a number of small towns along the way. Nearly everyone in the small towns seem to speak Spanish only, which is to be expected. Again, we found the people to be very welcoming – a warm, friendly smile is the universal language.

      I apologize for the length of his, but I have to help a fellow-Georgian out with any info I can offer. 🙂
      I hope you will have an excellent time – perhaps you will find your new home! Best of luck to you, Chuck!

    4. Nancy Ellis , thank you so much for taking the time to write me Nancy. I will need to liquidate more stuff so my emergency fund will be mo better. Something funny..I saw a book that said you could learn a forien language while you sleep. Just listen to the recording. Now that’s funny. Thanks again for the kind words and ecouragment. Happy Travels from Ga.

    5. You are quite welcome, Chuck.

      Yes, I have heard about the language programs you listen to while asleep.

      There is also a program that apparently works well for people who have “earworms” – like when a song lyric gets stuck in their head and replays endlessly. I can see how that might work – if it doesn’t drive them batty in the process!

      Best of luck – pura vida. 🙂

    1. Miguel Angel Figueroa Delgado Chiapas si lo es, el pais como ta no lo es. También pertenece Mexico al Caribe y. Norte America cómo bien sabrás.

    1. +My Life Plus 3 Chile is really beautiful, stands as the most developed country in Latin America along with Uruguay, better infrastructure, and quality of life. The cost of living is relatively high, but cheaper than Costa Rica. Consumer Prices in Costa Rica are 23.75% higher than in Chile, rent Prices in Costa Rica are 22.59% higher than in Chile, groceries Prices in Costa Rica are 35.64% higher than in Chile. Costa Rica is beautiful, but it’s just nature, the cost of living is too high, the infrastructure is terrible, worse than Cuba after 56 years of Embargo. Overrated, and overpriced.

  3. I’m from Spain, so I know Latin America very well, based on my experience Costa Rica is the most overrated, and overpriced country in Latin America. (Truth hurts) For a middle class EU citizen like myself Costa Rica is not the best place anymore, too expensive, and overrated. And yes, it’s more expensive than some part of western Europe, and even America!! Unbelievable.

    1. +Ibér Ico I would agree with you. Which is part of the reason we didn’t choose it to be a long term home base. We’d love to check out Spain (currently living in Germany). Germany is actually cheaper (for us) than living in Costa Rica was. If we lived on that side of the world again (in a Latin country), we’d probably choose somewhere in South America.

  4. I am a single and don’t live a fancy life. I have a little 2 room + bath apartment that I pay $200 a month for in, of all places, Monteverde.  Average rents in Monteverde are $600 and up.

  5. Es Caro vivir en Costa Rica. ….Es Caro vivir en El Paraiso. …y no nesecitamos gringos ni europeos pobres que vegan a ser carga para El pais. …asi que no les gusta vivan en Nicaragua o Panama no nos importa…….Es Como vivir es enCanada o USA no hay comparacion…….

  6. Doesn’t sound cheap at all. In fact, it sounds roughly comparable to what I pay right now in a city that’s in the 50 most populous in the US. Then again, I don’t live on the beach. But financially, it wouldn’t affect my life at all.

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