Cost of Living in SINGAPORE 🇸🇬

What’s the cost of living in World’s Most EXPENSIVE City, Singapore?
Find out the answers…. 😉


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  1. I see barbel in the background so I assume you manage to save this 170 $ on gym membership! I like how you manage keep your costs of living so low! Great video 🙂

    1. Chris Eats Plants actually the living cost I mentioned in the video was for when I was a student. I go to gym at times and definitely spending more $ than I was back then 😩

  2. Wow, that’s a really honest modest breakdown of figures in your lifestyle. That I can say, is really a minimum lifestyle. $800-$900 is what one probably need to stay in Singapore for a month.

    1. Jelita Permata Hati hi how are you baby. Your looking beautiful baby . I want to friendship with you baby . My what’s aap no : + 919441645641. Chat with me darling.

  3. Hello Ihana, Happy that i found your Vlogs in Youtube. I am going to singapore for studies this year. So your videos are very helpful. Hope you do more videos like this …..

  4. Cheaper than London definitely! I am paying here 620£ for a spacious room in a shared apartment with 4 others and the food is always around 150£ and traveling is around 125£ and also the phone bill is 40£ so… definitely London is more expensive unfortunately…

    1. Ihana Pön yeah that’s the truth of it.Plus I’ve been in Singapore for 20 days last November so I kinda know the prices in there and also… well there’s no comparison.In my opinion the weather and safety and cleanliness it’s beyond any expectations out there.Hands down one of the best traveling experiences so far!

  5. my employer is offering me 3000$, plus he is giving me accommodation, food and medical facilities. Can I live a comfortable life with that much amount in singapore?

  6. I’ve just graduated in engineering and have been finding a job in SG for like 3 months but don’t hear back from anywhere hehehe. Just found your channel and I think it’s absolutely helpful for me. Thanks for sharing your experience there. I really would like to see myself there. Pray for me please. hahaha

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